Wednesday, May 2, 2012

LG tumble dryer error "be"

Recently I got error "be" with my LG tumble dryer.

I found out that the error message means that the drive belt is completely broken. Actually the machine also sounded like the drum was not turning at all. I could hear the motor running, but as the belt was broken, it did not turn the drum.

I had to call a repairman, who was able to change the belt in 20 minutes.

The operation cost me 160 euros. The dryer is 4 years old, and it is the first and last time when I used money to repair it. New tumble dryer costs around 400 - 600 euros, so I think the machine has reached the point where it is not economically wise to repair it anymore.

Naturally, from ecological point of view, it is very wise to continue repair broken devices.

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Anonymous said...

lg tumble dryers are direct drive - so there is no belt to break.