Thursday, February 3, 2011

Visual Studio 2008 intellisense not working - solution

I have many times struggled with Visual Studio compile problems. Most difficult problems to solve are problems which seemingly don't have any reason! For example the intellisense is showing return type string, but you know the return value is int.

The reason is that intellisense is storing data from old headers, and for some reason is not clearing it's database, but keeps giving you (and compiler) wrong information.

The solution is simple, simply remove the file $solutionname.ncb from your solution folder.

Note: you need to close your solution first!

Apps in iTunes grayed out - solution

Recently I encountered this strange error with iTunes and my iPod touch: I downloaded some applications from appStore and went to iTunes->Devices->"myipod" and chose "Apps" from the top bar, the application editor that opened was grayed out.

I was able to sync photos and videos correctly, but unable to install or manage the applications.


1. I disabled restrictions completely from my iPod
2. Closed iTunes
3. Reconnected the iPod to my laptop

Really, I had to remove everything from iPods restrictions, not just only "installs".