Sunday, December 27, 2009

How to fix LG tumble dryer error "EHE" or "ELE"

My LG brand tumble drier, model TD-C70210E, suddenly gave me error "EHE" just seconds after start. And of course the warranty period was passed just with one week, how likely is that?!

After testing, and after some "EHE" errors I also began to got "ELE" error code. The manual and internet didn't give any DIY solution for these, just advice to call LG repair service engineer. I also tried the "leave the drier door open and leave it like that for about one hour" solution, but it didn't work.

But luckily I solved my "EHE" error with this amazingly simple trick, that I found out myself.

1. Start the drier normally
2. Before the "EHE" error appears, open the drier door!
3. Because the door was opened during program, "dE" error is shown
4. Close the door and press "start/pause" to continue
5. Program will continue normally; problem fixed!

Before calling repair service, you should first try and test this really simple trick. It may also work for you!

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