Wednesday, July 25, 2012

WDC Helsinki 2012 - Moomin Mug

This Moomin mug is only available online or at selected shops. I bought this from Helsinki Airport.

The motive is based on Tove Jansson's children story book and is named "Hurraa!" (it is Finnish and means "Woohoo!" or "Yippee!"). The mug is related to World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 -year, and is sold only during the year 2012.

My hunch is that this mug will have some real value in the future! The Moomin mugs are very popular things to collect among Finnish people and some of the old and rare mugs have been sold with quite high prices. Like the limited edition Fazer Moomin mug, which was sold in an auction with the price of 1300 euros!

You can buy the mug online from Iittala webstore:


 If you want to start collecting Moomin mugs or other Moomin stuff made by Arabia, check out this link$file/Muumi_kerailijaluettelo.pdf, it is the complete catalogue of Moomin related products from 1950 to 2012.


This pdf contains only Moomin mugs:$file/muumit_mukit.pdf.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Groke graffiti

This graffiti has existed since 2011 in a wall of a local industrial building. The subject is a scary monster, "The Groke", ("Mörkö" in Finnish) from the children books and animated TV series "The Moomins". The text is "Havahdu nyt!", which is Finnish and means roughly "Wake up and be aware now!".

I watch this graffiti often as we drive past by a car, and it is interesting for my kids also as they recognize the character. Also the text above the Groke is readable by kids, which is not the case with many graffitis. The text and the Groke may not belong together (not done by the same person), but in any case now they form a single piece of art. Also the red lips on the cheek of the Groke might be added by yet another (third) person.

Usually we just drive by and everybody in the car wants to see "The Groke"... This time I had my camera with me so we stopped at the parking lot and I took these pictures.

The Groke is a mysterious and an icy monster which freezes everything where it goes and touches. The characters in the books are afraid of the monster, but in reality, the monster is just lonely and is seeking for companion and friendship.

The Groke and the text is telling me to stop for a moment and think what is happening in the society. The monster has appeared to us to warn us all about something which is about to come. But it is not too late to react, we still have a chance if we start making the right choices, now!


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