Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Angry Birds candy

Angry Birds sweets in a bag! These are official Angry Birds sweets, licensed from Rovio. 

Flavors in the red bird bag are: strawberry (red bird), cola with lemon filling (black bird), lime (yellow bird), wild berries (blue bird) and orange (orange bird).

Flavors in the pig bag are: pear (plain pig), apple (pig with helmet), caramel (egg), lemon (stone brick) and passionfruit-pineapple (wood).

These candies were found from Finland (at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport), but they should be available also in Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Baltic countries and Czech Republic during June 2012.

The manufacturer is Fazer, here is the link to Fazer's Angry Birds web page: http://www.fazer.com/angrybirds?utm_source=Fazercom&utm_medium=frontpage_en&utm_campaign=AB

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