Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blogspot image loading problem - solution

I just checked some of my older posts, and noticed that the images are not displayed correctly. What happens after clicking a picture is that black screen is shown with red rectangle in the middle and white X mark in the corner.

It seems that there is now new feature called "Lightbox" that has messed things up for my blog. And based on posts on the Blogger Help Forum, there are other affected blogs as well.

I tried several tricks, including disabling the lightbox completely, but nothing helped with these older images. Until I found the page ( where one commenter noted that removing characters "-h" from the image url will fix the problem. And it surely did!

as noted by death-mark (

When you have original url looking like this: ...
Change it to ...
Just by removing the characters "-h"

Test it on your browser with links below:
This link does not work on my system:

But this link does work on my system:

Sadly, this solution requires html changes. It would be great if the problem could be fixed in the scripts...

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