Tuesday, September 27, 2011

90's techno and tinnitus

I remember when I took this poster off from the venue wall. It was early Saturday morning 10th July 1993. The "raves" had just ended at 7 am and my ears were ringing like a kettle.

That was the first time I realized I may do damage to my ears with too loud music. The ringing eventually faded away almost completely (in a month), but after that incident, in total silence, I was always able to hear a faint ringing sound inside my head.

From that day, I used ear plugs every time when I went to the bars or clubs. However, in February 2008, I was in Barcelona attending to a cocktail party, when suddenly a band started to play. I reached to my pocket to get my ear plugs, but couldn't find any. I thought I could stay for a moment anyway, and continued to mingle and have some drinks.

After 30 minutes or so I decided I have had enough noise, and left the building. There, while standing in a warm Spanish evening in a taxi line, I heard the ringing again. I was slightly worried when I heard the ringing sound when going to sleep. But I was really worried when I woke up next morning, and the ringing was still there!

I will be posting more tinnitus related texts soon. For example what are the tricks I use to cope with intrusive tinnitus.

Now back to the 90's again. The Typpihappo parties were great! As you can see from the poster, on Friday there were Utah Saints and the Shamen. Between the sets, a DJ group Hyperdelic Housers played their records. I remember how good The Orb's Blue Room sounded through a massive speaker set. No, wait... actually, that memory might be from 92 :P.

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