Monday, September 15, 2008

Super Mario capsule toys

June 2008, when I was visiting Hong Kong, I found from Toys'r'us a wall with capsule toy vending machines. Some of the machines contained toys I had searched with no luck already from Taipei's huge malls and toy stores; Super Mario toys!

I had just spent my coins to other toys, so I had to change bills to HK dollars. The young female behind counter already knew what I wanted, and changed my bills to coins with a smile, without asking.

After I got my coins, I rather quickly bought 5 Super Mario items, one keychain toy (which was actually a mistake) and 4 bouncy balls.

Read more about capsule toys: Capsule toys at Wikipedia
Read more about bouncy balls: Bouncy balls at Wikipedia

EDIT: added images

Note: I wish I had more time to take better pictures. These images were taken in a hurry, on the living room floor. My kids drawings were on the other side of the white background papers...

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